‘Is the President afraid to admit he can’t walk?’

When Presidential Secretary Missy LeHand receives a bombshell photo and attached note in the mail revealing the full nature of FDR’s disability, she knows trouble is brewing. And then another picture with the same message arrives, and another. With the Democratic National Convention just days away, President Roosevelt calls in FBI Special Agent Corey Wainwright to help with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Hollywood reporter Joan Roswell has a new boss, a charismatic media mogul who sends her to Washington to procure an interview with the President about the exact nature of his disability. Are the two related? And what’s the end game here? Kelly and Kathryn deliver again – with a little help from Bette Davis – in this history-spiced mystery

About The Authors

Kelly Durham and Kathryn Smith attended D.W. Daniel High School near Clemson, South Carolina together, but didn’t become friends until more than forty years later when Kathryn began editing some of Kelly’s novels. Together, they write the Missy LeHand Mystery series.

Kelly lives in Clemson with his wife, Yvonne. They are the parents of Mary Kate, Addison and Callie, and also provide for their dog, George Marshall. A graduate of Clemson University, Kelly served four years in the U.S. Army with assignments in Arizona and Germany before returning to Clemson and entering private business. Kelly is also the author of THE WAR WIDOW, BERLIN CALLING, WADE’S WAR, THE RELUCTANT COPILOT, THE MOVIE STAR AND ME, HOLLYWOOD STARLET, TEMPORARY ALLIANCE and UNFORESEEN COMPLICATIONS. Visit his website, www.kellydurham.com, or contact him at kelly@kellydurham.com.

Kathryn lives in Anderson, South Carolina with her husband, Leo. They are the parents of two grown children and the grandparents of a growing brood of little ones. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Kathryn worked as a daily newspaper reporter and editor before entering nonprofit management work in Anderson. She is the author of the only biography of Marguerite LeHand, THE GATEKEEPER: MISSY LEHAND, FDR, AND THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE PARTNERSHIP THAT DEFINED A PRESIDENCY (Touchstone, 2016) as well as GERTIE: THE FABULOUS LIFE OF GERTRUDE SANFORD LEGENDRE, HEIRESS, EXPLORER, SOCIALITE, SPY (Evening Post Books, 2019).